Save an action to reuse

Is there a way to save an action to reuse again? I set up an action to send the front window to my second monitor and then resize and reposition it. I would like to save that action for future use.

If I understand you correctly, check out:

Lets you save and quickly insert your most-used actions.

You have at least two choices:

  1. Put the Action by itself in a macro, and call that macro when needed using Execute a Macro action (KM Wiki).
  2. Use the excellent system by @DanThomas to save and insert Actions in a macro when needed:

I actually use both methods, but use #2 the most often. It is particularly valuable for creating macro and/or Action sets as templates – which using Execute Macro is of no use.

Exactly! I have a ton of action sets that I use all the time, and storing them in KMFAM is the best way to do it.

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You can also copy an action to a Named Clipboard.


Yep. That’s what we did before we had @DanThomas’s great KMFAM macro. :wink:


Thanks everyone for the feedback, I will give the solutions a try. In the past I have copied actions to a Named Clipboard, but I wanted to see if there is a more efficient solution. I will give KMFAM macro a try.


I followed the above thread and installed Dan's KFAM macros. And only then did I find this section in that thread:

Does this mean that KFAM is now obsolete?

Replied on the other thread.