Save an App Icon as a PNG

In building a "My Apps and Utilities" page for my website, I used a couple dozen app icon images. to get the image files I rigged up an ad hoc macro to pull the ICNS files from my apps and then save them as a PNG. I documented it in a screencast.

Since then I've found that I have a recurring need to grab app icons so I thought I'd improve the janky macro I originally made. The second iteration is attached.

To use the macro, select an app in your Finder and then trigger it. It will open the ICNS file for that app in, rename it, change the format to PNG and save it to ~/Downloads. The macro takes 5.7 seconds to run.

I post this because I think it's a good learning tool for things like reading files, and the delicate work of manipulating save dialogs. I've docmumented the macro as well as I can in the form of named groups and comments. I'll post the picture in a reply since it's huge.

Save App ICNS - Full Auto.kmmacros (18.9 KB)

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The crazy long macro image

Thanks for sharing this macro. It is very useful. :+1:

I don't like automatically saving the image to a specific, hard-coded folder, so I just disabled the last block of your Actions, starting with the Group "Set Save Destination to Downloads". This allows me to choose the folder I want.

Glad you found it useful!

Also glad to see it helps others to keep macros modular. I’ve been using the “Engroup” contextual command a lot recently to keep things tidy.