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Hello all. This must be childs play given the wild, wonderful and wacky KM-wizardry on this forum, but cannot see where to automate:
RT-click mouse, then select Save Image As from pop-up menu. (Using Firefox)
Can anybody help?
Many thanks!

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Checkout this cool FF extension:
Shortcut keys for Firefox are controlled by this extension:

Using it, you could set a shortcut key for “Save Image As”, then just mouse-over the image and press the shortcut key.
If need be, you can type that shortcut key from a KM Macro.

thanks JM.
It was the latter step I was looking for. I had that Firefox addon. Thing is, being a newbie to KM, I wanted to exploit as many natural macros with it as poss.
Any chance of a pointer on how to create that shortcut key?

Assuming you are hovering over the image, you can Right Click using the Move or Click Mouse action. Then add a short Pause to allow the menu to appear, then use the Insert Text by Typing action to type the name of the selection - finish the text with %Return% to type a return keystroke to select the menu item.

Many thanks!
I tried your suggestion. Oddly, Insert Text by Typing: “Save Image As…”, Firefox offered me the option to Save As Desktop Background.
Figuring the context menu was responding curiously, I tried other variables.
This one appears to work:

Right Click using the Move or Click Mouse action. (@ 0,0 relative to mouse position)
Short Pause (0.2 secs)
Insert Text by Typing: “View Image”
(Finish action with %Return%) This can remain discretionary while user selects appropriate folder.

Can’t explain why the popup menu wrongly selects Save Image As…
But it seems to.

thanks for your assistance!

Try typing it yourself.

One possibility is maybe the space is not really a space, maybe its a non-breaking space or some other foolishness.

Also the … may be three dots or it may be an ellipsis (…). I would not try to type that. And indeed, you want to type the minimum required to uniquely identify the menu item.

Hey @si_the_dog,

The problem is that Firefox does not use standard OSX APIs to build its interface elements.

Using Firefox 48.0.2 type-select won’t work properly for me in the contextual menu - type a “v” – and an item starting with “s” is selected…

If you want finer-grained control you’ll have to use Safari or Google Chrome which are scriptable.


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Hi Chris n Peter
Many thanks. Seemed from the outset that Firefox wasn’t playing nicely.
Muffled sigh.

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It’s ok. You can still love Firefox. We won’t judge you. :wink:
Firefox is cool. It’s my favorite “other” browser.

yikes :slight_smile:

Or by using the FireFox extension I mentioned above.