Save Safari bookmarks to specific folder

I use Safari as my default browser (but this behavior seems the same with Chrome and Firefox anyway) and one thing I think they all should include is a way to search for a specific folder when saving a new bookmark. If I have 200 folders, all nested and stuff, it's hard to go through all of them when I just want to save a new bookmark. Safari, especially, is completely nonsense, because it shows this looooong list of all folders and you can't even expand or collapse them.

So I was wondering if through KM (and I guess AS?) I would be able to keep an updated list of all the folders inside the bookmarks, so even if I create a new folder, next time I trigger the macro, it will contain the updated list, and it would automatically save that bookmark to that selected folder?

Is this possible at all?

If I use the default "save bookmark" feature and I type the beginning of the folder's name, it takes me there (Safari), but what if my folder is "Music by Danny Wyatt" and I want to find all folders with the work "Danny"? It won't work. So using KM I would be able to search for any word and only show me that list.