Saving the Filtered Results of the PromptWithList Action Before Making the Choice?

I am trying to save the filtered list that the PromptWithList action display me when I enter a search term. I want to permanently display the filtered results in a window when the macro is done.

So; suppose I have this PromptWithList action:


Then I run the macro and type "The Beatles" in the search field:

What I would like to save, before making the choice, is:

The filtered results:

The Beatles - Get Back

The Beatles- Lady Jane

The Beatles - Come Together

and would be nice to save the search term too:

The Beatles

I tried to do this with AppleScript using "System Events" but I cannot grab the elements because as soon as I switch to UIBrowser the PromptWithList action closes.

Any idea?

A logical solution would be to first make a normal prompt to ask for the search term, and use that result as default search in the PromptWithList. Then a filtered list would be easy. But then I loose the biggest advantage of the PromptWithList; search and filter as we type.

Actually, what would be even better if the action PromptWithList has a function to stay alive until we close it. So I can drag it to a corner of my screen. It implies that the macro keeps on running, I don't know if that is a problem?

You can use PromptWithListText Token
token:PromptWithListText [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] to get the last filter term.


Ah right! Thanks a lot, this is helpful.