Saving with Full Path in App's Standard File Dialogue Box

Does anyone know if it's possible to set the full path of a file in a standard macOS dialog box (from a third party application)?


When I paste in (as the file name) what I think will work…

"~/Documents/Local Content/Projects/Research/Archetype Performance Drums/Development/Application Enhancement/RX/Code/delete.wav"

…I get:


Any ideas, friends? Thanks!

Yes. Type Command-Shift-G first, then your full path, Return and then Return to Save.

Command-Shift-G is exceptionally helpful for automating the Open/Save dialog.


Thank you!

I really hope Apple doesn’t ditch it without replacement it if they ever rewrite Finder.


That's true, it works in the Finder as well. I don't use it there (the command key) because there are other ways of automating the Finder.

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Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your comment but isn’t the open save dialog just a mini version of finder? I’d assumed it was all the same codebase.

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I don't believe so.

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