Scan Snap Profile Switching

Hi everybody,
after I read a lot within this forum, I have to register today, to also ask a question.
I own a ScanSnap iX500, KM (of course) and a Stream Deck. Intel Mac (2017 5K), with the latest version of all relevant Apps and OS.

I have a couple of Presets within the ScanSnap Home App, to scan towards different destinations, and with different settings.
The (not that anymore) new iX1600 has a nice screen at the front, to switch those Presets.
This Screen is a direct copy of the ScanSnap Home Setting.
So, I would like to get my StreamDeck to switch my Presets, with the help of KM.
There is an older Thread who suggested where a "Execute Shell Script" action was suggested, with the Text: "defaults write “Settings Index” -int 1".
Unfortunatly, this was back in 2015-2018 and it seems to be not working anymore, at least not on my System.
I could not find the mentioned .plist, but one with the name "" instead, at the position where the other .plist was.
This does even not contain the Term "Setting Index" so it could also not be changed.
And I know also one other Thread, where there was shown a very long script, to change all setting of the ScanSnap. But as I already have the Presets, I just prefer to use them, instead of redoing it before every scan.

Has anybody a working script to simply switch the Presets by a shortcut, to use the iX500, as if it was a iX1600?