Scheduled File Server Maintenance 2 June 05:00 UTC

The next server to be upgraded will be the File Server. The File Server may not work consistently for a period of time (possibly a couple hours, maybe more if things go badly). This will affect downloading Keyboard Maestro, including any updates.

Currently it is scheduled to be at 5:00 UTC on June 2, which should be late at night in North America and early in the morning in Europe, and a useful time for me in Australia, so hopefully a minimal disruption.

I will also reply here and on the the Keyboard Maestro twitter account when the process starts and finishes.

Refer to the new System Status web page on my web server, which indicates the known status of various servers and systems. If you detect an issue, that is a place you can report it, and I will be promptly informed of the issue and can follow it up.

Starting the File Server maintenance now. Downloading Keyboard Maestro (including upgrading) may have issues over the next hour or so.

This File Server maintenance is complete.

Unfortunately, some minor maintenance on the Trigger Server seems to have gone badly so it is currently down.

OK, everything should be fine now. As long as I don't restart the Trigger server and then it resets the networking config and takes itself off the network. Ahh well. A problem for tomorrow.