Scheduled Remote Trigger Server Maintenance 19 May 05:00 UTC

I am planning to do some maintenance on the Keyboard Maestro Remote trigger server where the Remote triggers may not work consistently for a period of time (possibly a couple hours, maybe more if things go badly).

Currently it is scheduled to be at 5:00 UTC on May 19, which should be late at night in North America and early in the morning in Europe, and a useful time for me in Australia, so hopefully a minimal disruption.

I will also reply here and on the the Keyboard Maestro twitter account when the process starts and finishes.

Also, I have a new System Status web page on my web server, which indicates the known status of various servers and systems. If you detect an issue, that is a place you can report it, and I will be promptly informed of the issue and can follow it up.

Remote Trigger Server maintenance in progress.

Remote Trigger Server maintenance completed.

Please report any issues.


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