Scheduled Server Maintenance 10 Feb 05:00 UTC

I am planning to do some forum maintenance where the forum may be down for a period of time (possibly a couple hours, maybe more if things go badly).

Currently it is scheduled to be at 5:00 UTC on Feb 10, which should be late at night in North America and early in the morning in Europe, and a useful time for me in Australia, so hopefully a minimal disruption.

The upgrade will upgrade the server disk space, as well as the operating system, and the Discourse software to 2.8.0.

I will set the site in to read-only mode for the duration so I can revert any of it if necessary.

I will also post on the the Keyboard Maestro twitter account when the process starts and finishes.


The maintenance should be finished.

Everything looks fine, but please let me know if you see any problems.