Scrape a table spread out across many javascript-generated pages

Hello, longtime KM user but forum newbie here.

I am interested in gathering all 2716 rows of this table that are spread out across 272 pages:

(These are genes that are associated with human diseases, in case you're wondering.)
In effect, I need to copy paste the table displayed on each page into Excel, press the "Next" button, and then repeat. Any suggestions on how this could be done in KM? Thanks in advance.

This can probably be done, but before I would understand the programming and downloading such a massive amount of data, I would contact the author to see if they can provide the same data in either an Excel file or CSV file.

If that doesn't work, post back here and we'll try to help.

I emailed them several months back but didn't receive a response. Notably, they have two similar websites where .tsv files are made available for download.

Have you seen this page:
Michigan Genomics Initiative | University of Michigan Precision Health

They provide instructions for accessing the data.

The page simply table streams access to the full JSON data at

Thanks. I tried to look under the hood to find such a json resource but missed it somehow. Thanks, in any case - this does it.