Scrape mailing addresses into spreadsheet (CSV)

I have a CSV spreadsheet (several) with parcel/property numbers that I want to paste into my county's GIS veiwer one at a time, to scrape the mailing address and paste into a different cell in the same CSV spreadsheet to send out mailers.

The parcel numbers are in column A and I want to paste the mailing address into column D on the same row. I've divided the entries into 1000 rows (properties) per spreadsheet.

The url is
I have an example spreadsheet although I'm not certain how to attach it here. Here is an example parcel number:


I've gotten close using @JMichaelTX example : Extract Data from Web Page and Paste into Mac App [Example]

I'm just not clear on how to edit the javascript. Here is a screenshot. The address I want to copy to the clipboard is in a table row. I'm not sure:

<td style="width:50%; position: relative; left: 25px" data-dojo-attach-point="mailingAddress">3322 Clermont Ave<br>Fort Wayne, IN 46806</td>

How should I modify the javascript in @JMichaelTX example?
Many many thanks

You can try this:

var addrElem = document.querySelector('td[data-dojo-attach-point*="mailingAddress"]');


3322 Clermont Ave
Fort Wayne, IN 46806

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Spectacular! Works like a charm. I wish I knew how to code lol.

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