Screen Capture

I'm new to KM and enjoying it.

I am wondering if there is an Action that will go to System Settings (Ventura), Sounds and change the output to Screen Record/w Audio (which I have created) which will allow me to record the audio of a conversation I am having in Messages.


There is an Action that can go to a particular System Preference pane. But... in Ventura System Preferences has been replaced with System Settings and looks completely different. I'm not on Ventura and I suspect most people on this Forum are not either so, you are probably not going to get too much response to your question. There are AppleScripts that work to change System Preferences and you could probably find one by doing a Google Search - but again, no idea if they would work on Ventura.

But, you know it's really quick to choose your sound output by clicking on the sound icon in the menu bar (including outputs you have made yourself). I'm assuming Ventura will work the same way.


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Thank you Zababon for your response.

System Settings in Ventura does take some getting used to. In fact there is no setting to put sound output on the Menu Bar that I can find.

I suppose I have been too anxious to get Ventura and Stage Manager.

(Again, bearing in mind that I'm not on Ventura so, cannot test) it looks like that setting has been moved to the Control Center Settings:

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So it has. Thanks Zabobon

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See the system setting for "Control Panel".

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