Screen Manipulation Question

Referencing the image below, I want to be able to set a variable for what is now the number 3 (specifically, a variable that equals 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5).

I am not clear if:

  1. I would need to have the entire line "SCREEN(3,LEFT)" built as a single variable,
  2. I can insert a variable into the 3 position,
  3. there is some other alternative method, or
  4. the method I am requesting to manipulate the window is impossible.

I did already attempt #2 (above), but unfortunately without success. But any guidance would be appreciated.

The fields in this action are calculation fields.

So they contain an expression, such as:

1 * Variable + 3 * FUNCTION( 4 * Variable )

SCREEN is a function, and its first parameter can be one of a number of special tokens, including any of:

Main, Second, Third, Internal, External, Front, Back, Back2, Mouse

If it starts with none of them, then it is evaluated as an expression, so

SCREEN( Variable, Width )

is fine. Remember though, if Variable does not currently have a numeric value, then the expression will not evaluate and will turn red.

If you then set the variable to a numeric value (eg in the Preferences, Variable pane, or by Trying and action or running the macro), then the expression will now be valid.