Screen positioning for an app with multiple windows

Hello all,

I am trying to resize 2 out of 3 windows in the Zoom application. When I launch Zoom, and start a meeting it creates 3 windows. I would like to minimize one, move the other 2 to my 3rd screen and locate them on the right size 70/30 split. I can do the resizing and moving. I can't figure out how to select the correct open window...I tried image locate. If the window that needs to minimized is not visible, it cant find and minimize. Can you please help? I do this several times a day and tried a few apps, like Moom with no success...


Have you tried the Manipulate a Window action with the "Bring window to front with title containing" option yet?

Yes. How do I select the correct window though. 2 out of the 3 has the same window title. And one of them seems to change periodically or as I click away? I tried the window ID, but I dont understand it clearly, to make it work...

How about "Move and Resize Window with Index n" action?

Thats the closest I am getting. The issue is the 3 windows that are open is inconsistent. Meaning, One showing, one minimized, sometime only 2 open. How do I use the IDs with that in mind?