Screen Saver Trigger?

Is there a way to use screen saver on and screen saver off as a trigger? I can make system sleep and system wake work, but I need a trigger for the screen saver. I found a few suggestions from a while back, but they don't work today.

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I can answer this halfway so far... Since I have screen saver lock my Mac when it is activated, then I can use the When the Mac is Unlocked trigger for the screen saver turning off (deactivated), but so far I can't find a way to trigger a macro when the screen saver starts.

I spoke too soon. It seems to make the When the Mac is Unlocked trigger work the KM editor needs to be open and in the foreground, and then a click needs to happen.

Maybe trigger it just before the Mac is locked?
i.e. check if there's been no keyboard activity for N minutes

I activate the screen saver with a hot corner, but I see what you are saying and I will give it a try. Seems the harder part is the trigger on screen saver deactivation.

Maybe try this:

I really could use a screen saver on trigger and screen saver off trigger. That would be the best solution for me.