Screen Shot Not Creating File in Mojave

Hello. Occasionally I need to convert an html picture based document (say, a docusign pdf that cannot be downloaded or copied) into a set of screenshots that I can then package into a PDF and then OCR to get the text. I created a screen grab loop some time ago and run it with slight modifications multiple times without problems. The most important commands, inside the loop, are a keystroke to trigger the partial screenshot followed by click and drag.

I recently changed over (finally) to Mojave on my 2013 Macbook pro. [relevant? don't know]

Ran the macro today, but although the cursor moved appropriately, and the pages scrolled by, the screenshots were not created on the desktop.

I've rebooted the computer without effect. If I manually do a screenshot, it works fine.

A screenshot of the code is below. I've attached the macro file itself as well. You'll note that I added a step to activate Firefox and click in the window before the loop.

Thanks for any advice.

- Rick

Download: screen grab loop.kmmacros (5.8 KB)

Possibly you could expand the Click & Drag action to:

  • Click and hold
  • Pause
  • Move
  • Pause
  • Release

However, is there some reason you are not using the Screen Capture action?

Hey Rick,

We've seen all to many little issues with Mojave.

Point-to-note – Mojave has changed the screenshot mechanism a bit.

I don't have Mojave yet, so I can't test this for you – but I'd look over the above article and check the default save location for screenshots.

I'd also change the keyboard shortcut for your macro, because the Control key sends screenshots to the clipboard.

All that said – I agree with Peter – why aren't you using Keyboard Maestro's native Screen Capture action.

You can get the area of the front window and feed that to the action, and you can adjust the variables to prevent scroll bars and such from being captured.