ScreenFlow – Open Video File as New Document

Before I go and do this myself — Has anyone created a means to open any video file in ScreenFlow, with it's dimensions already set?

ScreenFlow has no scriptable cli - and it's a PITA to create a new file, import the .mov file then set document width/height.


  • I use QuickTime to capture quick videos (it's faster than ScreenFlow).
  • Once it's saved on the desktop, I use ffmpeg to remove the audio, compress and create an mp4 (using a KBM macro) .
  • Occasionally I need to edit parts of the video.

So I finally sat down and automated it through KBM.

The AppleScript support for ScreenFlow sucks, and there is no cli. I compromised, and this macro imports the latest mov file from the work directory and into ScreenFlow.

There's quite a few steps, but it streamlines the process to about 5 seconds.

Load Last Video(Mov) from Recordings.kmmacros (22.7 KB)