Script working but cancelling macro

Hallo everybody.

I have this script:

/usr/local/bin/unison -batch ~/Downloads/ ~/Dropbox/download/

It does work into the terminal and it does when running within Keyboard maestro, but KM raises an error and a notification of abortion.

Any way to fix that?

Thank you and have a nice day.

Giving us the error message might help just a little...

Thank you. But, I don't think it will.

The matter is that an error shouldn't raise.

Anyway, there you go.

Thanks again.

Click the "Gear" icon in the upper right of the action. There are options to have it not notify you, and not abort the macro.

Likely the unison script is returning an error code.

You can have the Execute Shell Script action include the errors and display the result in a window to see the full result. If you are confident that it is not actually an error it is reporting, then you can turn off aborting or reporting the error in the gear menu.

Or you could adjust the script to return no error, perhaps just by adding an additional command that succeeded (just add the command A=1 after the unison line).

Thank you, A=1 worked like a charm.

Thanks, have a nice day.

Thank you.

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