Scriptarian - Scripting Studio for macOS (based on Swift)

###Scriptarian - Scripting Studio for macOS

I have not tried this, but I know some of you are interested in Apple Swift, so I thought I’d share this information.

This product looks very interesting, and if it delivers all that the web site promises, then it could indeed be a great alternative to AppleScript, particularly for those who like Swift.

One key question I have is whether or not the scripts produced by this product will work with Keyboard Maestro? KM does support Swift scripts via the “Execute Script” Action, but I’m not sure if that can use the Scriptarian script or not.


Scriptarian allows you to easily automate macOS using the Swift programming language, providing a modern alternative to AppleScript.

Scriptarian is entirely built around the Swift programming language, letting new programmers get up and running quickly. Thanks to Swift's powerful error handling model and focus on safety, you can write robust code with little effort. Meanwhile, advanced programmers can take advantage of powerful object-, functional-, and protocol-oriented paradigms.

* **Swift**
Scriptarian is entirely built around the Swift programming language
* **ScriptingKit is provided**
A scripting framework we built from the ground up with Swift in mind.
* **Scripting Diction**ary
When you first launch the Scriptarian, it analyzes all of your installed applications for AppleScript support and dynamically generates native Swift interfaces for them.
* **Code Completion**
Learn by exploring with Scriptarian's smart and context-aware code completion system. If you've used Xcode, you'll feel right at home.
* **Debugger**
Powered by LLDB, Scriptarian offers a first-class debugger that lets you inspect variables and step through the execution of your programs with ease
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Various responses to it gathered here:

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Over here, on launch, Scriptarian prompts to “prepare” applications for Swift scripting. This process frequently fails with “unknown errors” – e.g., with the latest version of Scriptarian its “preparation” fails with DEVONthink and so it will not build scripts for that app.

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