Scrivener — Accessing Text Size field on Toolbar

I would like to access the Font Size field on the Toolbar in Scrivener, is this possible in Keyboard Maestro, I am guessing it is, but I cannot find how to do that. Any help appreciated.

Normally, the way to access popup menus is to use Click at Found Image to click on the popup menu and then type-ahead to select the menu item.

The issue here is it is not clear what image could be used to click on the menu, since all around it are menus and controls that change.

I'd try using the image of the justification:


It's not a great image, because its all gray blobs and probably wont match well, but it might be enough to work. And then you can click to the left of it by using a negative coordinate. Use the Display Mouse tool, or use the Move Mouse option and trial and error to figure out how far to move.

Or you could possibly just use the coordinates from the top left of the window, it depends on how that toolbar behaves as you resize the window.

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Thank you Peter. I will give this approach a try. :slightly_smiling_face:

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In order the solve the problem of changing font sizes ?

I guess you have considered:

  • ⌘+ to increase the size of selected text
  • to ⌘- to reduce the font size

Or through the menu system:

  • Scrivener > Format > Font > Bigger
  • Scrivener > Format > Font > Smaller

or, of course, just to display a control with a specifiable font size:



I tried ⌘T but I don't know how to access the 'Size' field directly in the Dialog. I am going to post the same question over in the Scrivener forum, maybe some there knows how to do this.

Thank you for offering this alternative @ComplexPoint !!

Out of curiosity, I gave it a try. This font window is strange. I only found one way to activate the window first and then the "Size" field.

First "move and click on found image" and then a double click in the "Size" field. This seems to work reliably.

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What is the problem that you are trying to solve ?

Applying a numerically specified font size to selected text ?

You don't want to name one or more new Scrivener character styles
and bind shortcut keystrokes to them ?

I have a large chunk of Text which is formatted with a variety of typefaces, sizes, attributes, colours, etc. for the purpose of distinguishing various semantic elements of what is being written about.

I wish to preserve all of that information, but put it all in say 13 point size, to better fit my Scrivener document and Editor screen.

I don't have Scrivener but here is a way that should work. Select all the text and copy. Then apply this Keyboard Maestro Action and paste, replacing the original text. All original formatting apart from text size should be preserved.

The font size can be a Variable:


Sorry to come late to the party! But knowing what you want to do I have adapted a macro I use to set the font.

It's advisable to put the macro below in its own Macro Group for the Scrivener app.

The two red-coloured actions cater for the Scrivener toolbar when the Bold button is either active or not. The images I use in the macro may or may not work for you depending on your hardware/software configuration. In my case they look like this:




If they don't work for you you'll have to recapture them on your own Mac.

You need to edit the text in the orange-coloured action to set the actual font size you require. Note that it must consist of three digits with the first one being "0" (zero).

Here's the macro for you to try:

Download Macro(s): Font Size 13.kmmacros (28 KB)


  • Macros are always disabled when imported into the Keyboard Maestro Editor.
    • The user must ensure the macro is enabled.
    • The user must also ensure the macro's parent macro-group is enabled.
System Information
  • macOS 10.14.6
  • Keyboard Maestro v10.2

It works for me, but of course YMMV!

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Going to give this a try. That is a very clever idea, using the KM buffer (or System Clipboard) to make the desired changes, instead of the Scrivener Editor.

Much appreciated. :smiley:

Ok, thank you. Downloaded it, will play with it. Much appreciated.