Scroll Left or Scroll Right

I've been using KeyboardMaestro for years and love it. But here's something "simple" that I cannot figure out how to do: Scroll Left or Right. That is, in a window that has a scroll bar along the bottom, I want to be able to move to the right or left.

In most Mac apps, you can Shift-mouse-wheel to do this. But I can't seem to simulate this with KM.

The easiest thing would be to make a Page Down or Page Up that moves right/left instead of down/up. Possible?

Howdy, welcome to the forum! As you might have already figured out (especially since you're been using KM for years), this is a great community full of people who love to help.

Take a look at these actions and their wiki page: :wink:



Wow, okay that's embarrassing. Thank you, @cdthomer !

I had already looked at the Simulate Scroll Wheel but for some reason I was blind to the popup menu that showed direction.

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No worries, Keyboard Maestro has so many features it's quite easy to overlook some!

I did find the scroll left/right function, but it doesn't work for me. The up worked, but page up is better; but there is no "page left". I have no idea where the bug is. I'm in a form window in Panorama, but I assume window scrollbars are a Mac system function, nothing to do with any particular app. I'm trying to think of any sort of kludge to get this simple thing done, but nothing yet....

I’m not familiar with Panorama, but make sure your macro in question is enabled, and not in an app-specific macro group.

Cool, I'll check that. For now I have a click on the space to the left of the srcoll nubbin at the bottom left of the window, which is working for now. But I'll keep your note in mind. It is only a Panorama function and window involved, and I don't want the trigger to trigger elsewhere. Is that a concern?

As long as it’s in a macro group that is enabled in Panorama, it’s fine. I should have been more specific and said ‘make sure it’s not in an app-specific group that’s not enabled in Panorama’, as that is a common issue when macros aren’t executing.