Scrollable Conflict Pallete


I love the conflict pallete and find it so much more useful than the way QuicKeys did it since I don't have to worry about putting things into pallets like I did there.

I'd like the preference to be able to put them in columns and the way they sort. However ideally I would like to have most of my conflict pallets not be in columns but a few that I have that go really long I would like to see everything. Is there a way to make scrollable an option for the Conflict Palette in the preferences so the majority of them can be in a straight line and the few that go really long can then be scrollable. I of course usually narrow it down by key which has been fine but it would be nice to see them in case I forget.

Alternatively I could assign a key to a specific pallet style and then I could have columns for that key only and everything else would be the default palette style.

As a small side question is there a way to rename a custom setting in the theme editor?

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No. Palettes do not have an option to scroll.

I'm not sure they ever will.

“rename” what? And probably, no.

Do you mean you made your own custom setting and want to name it? No, the only way to do that is to submit it with a suggested name and I may include it in a future version.

Okay thanks @peternlewis I had hopes of applying a conflict pallet with it's own name to a specific conflict key but it sounds like that will not be possible. For nearly all of my conflicts I really like them all lined up in one column because they are easier to read and the first part of them are all named the same thing so I can more quickly see the part that is different.

However since it is not scrollable for students that use the shortcuts I have to set it to three columns which is not ideal for most conflicts. So it sounds like both the solutions or workarounds are not possible.

  1. Assigning a conflict key to be three columns
  2. Scrollable conflict pallet

I am guessing part of the difficulty in making the conflict pallet scrollable is because it is all there so you would have to get the bounds of the screen first? I can take a screen shot of the window but of course my monitor is not this tall.