Search and replace clipboard and CopyPaste Pro

Hi :blush:

I made a macro that includes the action “Search and Replace Clipboard”. But I use CopyPaste Pro. How can I make that KM use CopyPaste Pro instead of the other clipboard?


The Mac itself does not provide a clipboard history.

Utilities lik Keyboard Maestro and CopyPaste Pro create their own clipboard history by watching the clipboard for changes and storing each resulting change.

There is no way to access CopyPaste Pro’s clipboard history, or influence it in any way except by copying something to the clipboard (which it should notice). Well, technically, CopyPaste Pro may provide some mechanism for accessing it, but each utility’s mechanism would be different, and thus its not really something that Keyboard Maestro can do.

Thanks Peter. Wath a shame. But thankfully, Jumpcut works great with the macro.