Search and Replace Contents of Folder

Hey Gang! :smile:

I've started using alongside DEVONthink 3 for my academic notes.

Obsidian uses their own flavor of markdown syntax for images , ![[image.png]], which unfortunately isn't readable by other external editors.

Ideally, I'd like to use Keyboard Maestro to monitor my folder (which I keep in Dropbox) and Search and Replace the contents of the folder, changing ![[image.png]] to ![](image.png), possibly with RegEX (\!\[\[)(.*)(\]\]).

Is Keyboard Maestro able to do this with a script?

Grateful in advance for any help, suggestions or solutions.

See Tom's solution in Need Macro to Watch Folder to Place EPS File in Illustrator for the general solution. It watches a folder for new files and opens the new file. You just have to add the search and replace logic using something like Chris's solution at the end of Can I 'Search and Replace Text' From the Whole File.

@mrpasini, thank you for the tips and resources. I'll have a look :nerd_face: