Search and replace Program name in Macros

I use a program that semi-frequently changes the program name, to reflect the version number. (Dorico engraving program). Each time it happens my Activate Menu item actions in countless of my macros cease to work, as they explicitly save the name of the program with the action.

I would like to have an option to replace program name in bulk in selected macros (or whole folder) to remedy that.

Thank you for Keyboard Maestro, and have a nice day!

One possible route is to import the .kmmacros into a good XML editor, and make the changes there, and save the file back.
But whilst you are at it, why not make the name of the program a GLOBAL variable (constant). See KM preferences for examples.
However, having re-read your post, I think you are saying you have Dorico_V1.13 and the Dorico_V1.14 next month. If you changed the menu items to say be Dorico_Latest can you not then duplicate the program to give you Dorico_Latest in the app folder?

Building on @jonathonl's suggestion, after you install the new version of the program, can you just use Finder to manually rename the .app file to be the same as the name used in your macros? Don't know if that would work but if it does then it might be the easiest approach. You could even use KM and write a simple macro to rename the file at the press of a hot key!

Asking about the global variable solution — how would you insert a global variable in the Select in the Menu action in KM? It is a dropdown list with no options to type or insert the variable data. Am I missing something obvious?

No you are not.
That was in my first two paras before I reread it and really understood what you wanted.
Hence my last para where essentially you rename the app to Dorico and get your drop donw menu functions to match that

@NikolaKolodziejczyk -

Something similar happened to me when I had Photoshop CS 6 and Photoshop CC.

Try this for kicks.

Make a Macro Group called Dorico and place your associated macros in that group. Associate Dorico with Available in these applications. In your example, Dorico v27 (I'm guessing) If the steps below work for you, you will only have to modify the Macro group by adding and subtracting the latest name instead of each macro within. So basically, if Dorico v28 comes out, you just add that and subtract v27. See the Photoshop Actions Macro Group related example picture below.

Within the Menu macros, you can just use Front Application with your Show menu action instead of the Dorico version name. That is, of course, if you are spawning the menu action while Dorico is Front Application.

Using this way and going forward, you are only making one change instead for each Select Menu application. I'm sure you will have to change this several times, at first, but when the next Dorico update occurs, you won't.

Hopefully, this makes since.