Search in KM Editor is not working as it should?

I have a way of organising my macros by prefixes. a: prefix means a macro is used by me. t: prefix means I am testing it, and it is still not ready to be used or just that I don't need it right now.

Here is how it looks :

This helps me organise my macros and keep me sane and distinguish them. I also usually search and filter by my prefix however this doesn't work in km. It gives no results when I think it should.

For example searching for a: in the macro group :

It should show me all those macros that start with a:

Same for t:

I really do think this is not intended behaviour. Can this be fixed please?

Unfortunately I think you are using a character that is part of the search syntax: the colon :
To search for characters that are part of the macro name, you need to use the name: (or just n:) qualifier, like this:

I just did a test and it worked for me.

See manual:Search Strings [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

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As @JMichaelTX has said.

To give you a concrete example on the t::

t: is the keyword for a Trigger search:

t:f2 shows you all your macros that are triggered by F2
t:f shows you all macros that have any F(unction)-key, or any key combo involving the letter-F key, or a typed string containing f as trigger (and also the ones with a Folder trigger!)
t: shows you all macros that have a trigger (any trigger) ← This is the search you were actually (and unknowingly) doing.