Search & Replace in a Google Sheet (via the API)

I'd love to be able to make quick changes to a Google Sheet without having to open it in a browser tab. Seems like something that combining Keyboard Maestro and the Google Sheet API would be perfect for... if only I knew how ¯_(ツ)_/¯. The goal would be to change what appears in a customer's "Status" column in a row.

Ideally, I'd write a macro that prompts me for which customer to modify; that search term would be passed to the API which would return the correct row in the sheet (i.e. a search for "Squarepants" would show that row 17 has a customer with the last name "Spongebob").

I'd then get prompted for what to change their "Status" to (for example, it might initially say "pending" but I'd like to change it to "approved", which I would input via the macro's prompt).

I know this is a tall order... any suggestions on how to get started with this?

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Just made this!

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