Search specific folder?

I would like to create a shortcut that when pressed, searches a specific finder folder on my computer. I know that it is possible to open specific folders (as seen in the screenshot) but is there a way to search specific folders?

Since I'm eager to help, I'll throw a solution in the pot and await the gurus to jump in. I just used a few of my Sidebar Favorites (Documents, Pictures, Desktop etc.).

This is a quick and simple way to accomplish your task.

If you do this a lot, make sure your Finder is set up to search the folder instead of the whole Mac.

Like this:

Then you can do this:

If you would like to add to your Favorites Folder selections (shown on the sidebar), just add a pipe (|) and the name of the folder in that section. Of course, you can expand that with another variable that covers your external drive folders etc. This was a quick macro.

Here is the macro itself. Edit it how you wish. Be sure to enable the macro first.

Search Folder.kmmacros (4.7 KB)

I hope this helps.


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