Search Text Messages (Messages App) and Delete

I get a ton of daily spam IN MESSAGES (not email). It is from the same spammer. It always has a body copy of "Hello there". However, the sender uses various email addresses (always ending in / or phone numbers to spam.

How would I set up a macro where it can identify, delete, and report the spam?

How annoying, I hope someone can give you some tips on this. In the meantime, in case you didn't know: it is possible to block messages from everyone who isn't a contact, if you're using MacOS 10.15 or greater.

I get a lot of true messages from those that aren't necessarily in my contacts. (think: one time codes sent by a vendor, etc.)

Yep, I didn't presume you would necessarily want to. :slight_smile:

Apple scragged AppleScript in their Messages app, so it's really hard to work with.