Search the Web Action: Macro Name as Background Text?

I was setting up some web searches in KM, and was wondering if it is possible to make the search automatically display the macro name (as background text).

Tried it with a token in the Title field, but it doesn’t get interpreted:


What I hoped to see here is “Chambers” (the name of the executing macro) as dimmed background text, similar to the “Notification” action, where tokens in the Title field do work:



The “Default” field of the Web Search action does read the token. But when I put it in there, then the search field gets actively pre-populated with the macro name. I just wanted it to have as background text.

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Hey Tom,

This sure looks like a bug/oversight.

The title field shows as a normal text field, so it should accept tokens.

@peternlewis -- can you comment?


Fixed for the next version.

I also corrected the display to properly indicate that the URL field is not token expanded. Only the “%Search%” part of the URL is replaced with the search string.

Thanks for the feedback.