Searching for email not working (regEX)

Hi i´m trying to wrap my head around RegEx for finding mail adresses in huge blocks of texts. But I´m not able to find a functional RegEX to copy from And when i did find one, it worked, but only saves one email adress. not multiple..


Any help is greatly appreciated!

Put the RegEx in a For Each action (KM Wiki), and add the For Each variable to another collection variable.

Similar to this:

Thank you @JMichaelTX!

I´m getting closer, but whats the function for the first action "Set Variable to text" Do I keep it empty?

Still not getting the results i want here..

Uploading my macro and sample text, containing two mail adresses that should be captured here.

I would like my macro to capture the email adresses, and, but not get anything else out. ""

Search for email adresses.kmmacros (3.9 KB)

If you use a regex in a For…Each action than it is always case sensitive. Hence, the A-Z character range will only get uppercase letters. You have to add a-z.

Try this:

Search for email adresses [mod].kmmacros (3.4 KB)

It is to reset the FEW_Results variable. Otherwise the variable would accumulate the results with every macro run. So, leave it empty, yes.

You can disable the action to see what I mean.


That is the default, which can be overridden by using the
option at the beginning of the expression, as in:

For more info about this and other RegEx options,
see Regular Expressions (KM Wiki).

Also, you may want to review the email RegEx patterns here:
Email Address Regular Expression That 99.99% Works.

Thanks @Tom and @JMichaelTX!

Very helpful!