Searching for multiple things in Search and Replace Clipboard

I would like to know it is possible with Search and Replace Clipboard:

  1. to search for several different things in the same Search and Replace Clipboard action

For example: in text which reads “This is a line of text due today (or tomorrow)” I wanted to search for ‘due’, ‘(’ and ')" where there will be no replace (that is to delete them all). Is it possible to put all the items to be searched for in the same action. I know I can do it as 3 Search and Replace Clipboard actions.

  1. to search for some text where part of the actual content is not known, i.e. whether it is possible to use wildcards.

For example: if the text will always be in the format "@start(yyyy-mm-dd), but each instance will contain a different year (yyyy), month (mm) and day (dd). Such as @start(2015-09-05), @start(2015-09-04) and so on.

Help with these would be gratefully received.

A search for the keyword alternation on this page:

may give you a start with the role of the | character in regular expressions.

That page (also accessible from KM > Help > ICU Regular Expression Reference) may suggest patterns like:


(‘due’ or opening or closing parentheses, with the parentheses escaped with a backslash to distinguish their literal use from their special meaning in the regular expression patterns)



where \d matches any decimal character, and {n} specifies n repetitions of a pattern.