Security request fails

Hi all,

I have got this alert. See below
Keyboard wants access rights to control By giving permission to control, documents and data in can be accessed and actions can be performed in this app.

Clicking "Nicht erlauben" or "OK" has no effect at all.
How can I fix this?
Best, Matze
2022-05-21 Bildschirmfoto

Open up System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Privacy and look for the right category Maybe Files and Folders or Full Disk Access? I don’t know German.

It is probably the Automation category of the Security & Privacy settings.

Presumably you have an AppleScript or action that Keyboard Maestro is running that is trying to access the Messages application, which in modern systems requires Keyboard Maestro or Keyboard Maestro Engine application to have Automation permission to control the target application.

Clicking OK should generally allow it, but the system security permissions are perennially buggy unfortunately (one hopes the actual security systems are less buggy).