Seeking a 'dictionary' for KM actions?

Hi, new KM user here, but not new to macro scripting (I'm a former Quickeys user). I'm trying to build a basic loop taking a user input number (variable) to copy/paste text between an app and Finder files to be renamed, and then decrement the variable, to continue until a condition is met to end the macro. A simple enough project to learn how KM operates vs QKeys, where I've done this easily. Problem is, KM is deeper than QK and has abstracted out some functions (or Actions) that were built-in to QK macros.

But I can't find a 'dictionary' or documentation of KM's Actions that would help me decide which action is appropriate in which context. I've found the KM Manual, and another to describe each of KM's Macros...but nothing that drills down to explaining each of KM's built-in Actions.

For instance, the Continue Loop {}'s not clear to me where this should be placed in a script or how KM intends it to be used. Is there a resource for this that someone can point me to? Cheers.

KM Wiki - Actions

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Well that action together with the other loop- and control flow-related actions are fundamental features of computer programming generally and are not specific to Keyboard Maestro alone. So you'd be better off learning about those in a Computer Programming 101 tutorial, class or text; I can't recommend a specific one but you can find plenty by googling.

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The last option under the Gear menu of each action is Help, which takes you to the reference page for that action:


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Thanks, tiffle! Yeh, I should've made clear, while I AM a noob to KM, I'm not with regards to programming generally - no expert, mind you - but I've done my share in js and a bit of c++. So, I'm fine with what things stand for generally, but without knowing for sure what family KM scripts are analogous to, I didn't want to go down yet another rabbit hole. As I'm sure you know, where a statement is placed is as important as the syntax itself. So, that's when I hit the forum looking for help. (Notice, I didn't ask for help in scripting, just where I could find a reference...) Thanks again, cheers!

Thank you, mrpasini! I was so close...having hit that gear a couple of times...but I didn't think the Help there would be different than sending me to the online user (macro) reference, which I already had. Thanks again for your heads-up on the Actions reference! Cheers!

Thank you! That's what I was looking for! Cheers!

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