Seems simple, can't do it....Music 'Library Chooser' +opt key

Well i simulate a press and hold option, lauch application Music.


do it physically, works...ive finally entered the backward world of 10.15+ ...a world bereft of thousands of free iTunes scripts and helper apps (Powertunes)

Anyone got a solution, i must be doing something wrong

Applescript (cant work out how to do same with KM simply)

tell application "System Events"

key down option

tell application "Music"


tell application "System Events"

key up option

key up shift

end tell

end tell

end tell

Can you post the macro that isn't working?

Just a stab in the dark: try a 0.5s pause at the start of the macro, to give you time to release the hotkey trigger before the simulated hold of the ⌥ key begins.