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I have a workflow for reviewing items in my "Inbox" album to keep new photos and videos organized. I attempted to use the "select or show menu item" action, but get stuck at "View->"Albums" . I tried using the "Menu" selector tool on the right, but it doesn't list my existing albums, so I cannot select the Inbox.

I'm pretty green with KM. Is there another way to accomplish what I want to do - open Apple Photos and select the Inbox album?


This works perfectly for me on my Mojave box – what version of macOS are you using?


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I can confirm what @majorgear is saying (on Big Sur). Keyboard Maestro cannot see the actual Albums in the Sub-Menu and even typing the Album Name in manually doesn't work:

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First try opening up to Albums using a Select or Show a Menu Item action.

Then add a Type a Keystroke action with a right-arrow.

Then try another Select or Show a Menu Item action with the whole path.

If that doesn't work then delete it and add an Insert Text by Typing action with "inbox\n" in the field.

Clearly this is a bug – if you and the OP have time please complain to Apple


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@ccstone - you have done it again! Your first suggestion works (repeating the menu Action twice, with the Sub-Menu the second time - it didn't need the Type a Keystroke Action with right arrow).

For the benefit of @majorgear here is the Macro that worked for me:

Photos Album Example.kmmacros (27.3 KB)

As you say, this must be a Big Sur Photos bug.


Thanks for sharing the macro. It wasn't the exact solution but I used it as a jumping off point.

Select Menu
Insert Text by Typing

macros did the trick. Now I need to add it to my workflow conflict menu.
Photos Album Example Insert Text.kmmacros (27.8 KB)


Thanks for your help!

This is using

  • Big Sur 11.2.3
  • KM 9.2

I came up with this same solution in the past when trying to select a Smart Album I have named Advanced Search. The insert by typing step doesn't need the full album name, just the first few characters.