Select "Answer" button on Webpage

I work in a sales environment and we use an application, CallTrackingMetrics, for incoming sales calls. This web-based app does not allow answering by clicking a headset etc, you have a prompt that shows up when an incoming call comes in. So, if I am working on a project etc, and I don't get to the webpage quickly, someone else gets the call. Ideally, I would like to voice activate a macro to go to the page of CallTrackingMetrics and click the answer button. Does this sound remotely possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


For the click Answer button, you could use a Click at Found Image action or Press a Button Action or Move or Click Action. Whichever works. It would be good to see a screenshot to help further but I understand if it's proprietary.

Here is a video that should help with using a voice command to trigger KM macros.

Basically, I would do a series of steps in my macro.

Macro called - Answer Call

Steps - Activate CallTrackingMetrics application
pause .4 seconds
Press button Answer or Click at Found Image or Move or Click Action at ...

Try that.

Let us know.