Select browser to open link in e-mail etc

Would it be possible to create a macro that lets you select which browser to use to open a link, e.g. in Airmail?

There is a special app, Bumpr, for this, but if it could be solved via Keyboard Maestro: the better!

Hey Hans,

See this thread:


Hey Chris,

Thanks for the link. Do I understand the macro correctly, that it permanently changes the default system browser, each time that it is executed? In other words: after having used the macro for one specific link in an Airmail message, I have to remember to run the macro again to set the default browser back to regular Safari?



Hey Hans,

That's right.

You could make the macro reset the default after a timed period, but you'd still have to put up with that blasted are-you-sure dialog.

Without a special-purpose utility you'd have to create a service for right-clicking, or you'd have to rely on the Clipboard.

If you copy the link to the clipboard, you can do most anything you want with it.

I use LaunchBar for this kind of thing myself. It doesn't hook in to the contextual-menu, but it makes sending links from the clipboard to any app quite easy.

You can also drag and drop links from anywhere (if they're draggable) onto an app you've displayed in LaunchBar.


I don't think you can do this using native KM Actions.
However, you might be able to create an Automator service that would be available when you right-click on a link. This is just a guess, since I have not tried it.