Select Last Aborted Action

This is a simple but potentially useful new addition in Keyboard Maestro 10, in the View menu you will find a new menu item, Select Last Aborted Action which selects in the editor the last action that failed and was aborted for any reason. So if a macro fails, you can use this menu item to find the failing macro.

Somewhat related to this, in the Engine.log file, failed macro messages will include the ID number of the action that failed, and you can use the new AppleScript selectAction command to select the action based on its ID, eg:

tell app "Keyboard Maestro" to selectAction 137

That's so cool that I put it into a macro that displays all the most recent errors in a prompt window, and when you double click on one, it takes you directly to the action. EDIT: hang on! Suddenly it isn't working! I assure you it was working a minute ago! I'll fix it. EDIT: There wasn't really anything wrong with it, but it failed for me because my error log had some error messages that my grep command wasn't working on. It is fixed now, below...

Examine the Log File Errors and Jump to Action Macro (v10.0.2)

Examine the Log File Errors and Jump to Action.kmmacros (4.0 KB)

I notice that this AppleScript code doesn't bring the KM Editor to the front, so if you want to use this macro you probably should add an action that moves the KM Editor up front. I'll leave that to the reader's choice, if they want to do that.


Thanks A LOT Sleepy.
For someone like me that uses KM so much a for so long but knows so little (just scratching the surface), a macro like yours is SO valuable.
Happy Holidays!

Peter, thank you for your software, for being so involved and committed!!!
You are one of a kind!
Happy Holidays!

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Thanks. I'm surprised that only one person has commented on this useful macro.

:slight_smile: Well...
1- One is better than nothing, isn't it? :slight_smile:
2- A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step... Patience, man... they will come... :slight_smile:
(And... even if they don't... you've done a wonderful thing)!

Thanks. I rattled that macro off so quickly I'm starting to imagine improvements. But for now I just want to have fun with it to see how useful it is.

Just came across this and it looks very useful. Iā€™m gonna take a closer look at it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

EDIT Tuesday, January 18, 2022: @Sleepy what an awesome macro! I realized I had a similar macro from somebody else (which is also very useful, but I like that with yours it gives me the list and lets me select which one in case there were several failures and I need to go to one that's not the last one.

As usual, great job and thanks for sharing!

Now... what are those improvements you were talking about? :grin::laughing: