Select Locations to Clipboard

I have a window that looks like this.

If I put my mouse on the left blue area would like to copy the information in the blue box to the clipboard. If I put my mouse in the right pink box I want to copy the text in the pink box to the clipboard.

Or maybe use the left and right + signs?

Looking for suggestions on how I might accomplish that.


Is this editable text? Could you just put the pointer over a box then run a macro that

  1. Left-clicks the mouse at (0,0) from current location
  2. Keystroke ⌘A
  3. Keystroke ⌘C
  4. Keystroke ← (to deselect the text, hopefully preventing any accidents...)

If not, how would you manually copy each item in that app?

It is not editable text.

Currently I use an OCR program to copy the text to the clipboard. I execute the OCR app and then draw a box around the text and copy it to the clipboard.

But my old shaky hands make it little hard so I am trying to find some way to hopefully automate that.


Take a look at this topic.


And you can't right-click somewhere in the box and copy it as an image, or click the box and use a menu item? If you can't do either of those then I very much doubt we can get the bounds of the box via AppleScript or similar...

If the topic @Neo's pointed you at doesn't light your candle, something like this might work if the "+" symbols are constantly positioned relative to the box corners and if (big if!) the boxes are always the same size:

Copy Family Tree Image.kmmacros (12.3 KB)


Put the mouse pointer near (but not on, else you'll mess the image detection up) one of the "+" symbols and either ⌃L or ⌃R for the left or right boxes, respectively. The pointer currently needs to be within 50 pixels of the symbol -- you can change the proximity in the first action, which determines the area of the screen to image detect over.

The other actions should be obvious, but I was working from your posted image so the numbers may need fluffing -- just run the macro then switch to Preview and "Open New Image from Clipboard", and use what you see to tweak the numbers until you get the best, most OCRable, image you can.