Select Menu by Name problem

I am using Parallels Desktop on an M1 Mac mini running Sonoma 14.4. My guest VM is Windows 11 Arm, and named "Win 11 Arm".

I want to use KM to hide the VM window, but using ⌘-H for that opens a "voice typing" window in Windows instead (which is not easy to disable).

Using Select Menu by Name with Hide Win 11 Arm (or "Hide Win 11 Arm") produces a KM window showing "Win 11 Arm > Hide Win 11 Arm" highlighted.

I then have to hit the return key to actually hide the Win 11 Arm window, so it's not so convenient. Is that a limitation of Select Menu by Name?

The Select Menu by Name action is designed to offer you a selection of menus that you choose from.

If you simply want to select a specific menu, use the Select a Menu Item action.

Oops. That worked. I probably knew that at one time. Thanks, Peter.

Update: I should have just used the Hide a Specific Application action in the first place. Also found other sloppiness on my part, and corrected it.

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