Select Menu Item no longer working properly on Sonoma

I have some shortcuts for Pro Tools which have stopped working. When I try to create them again I can no longer see a submenu on certain menu items, particularly View and Window.

Howdy, welcome to the forum! As you might have already figured out, this is a great community full of people who love to help.

I encourage you to make good use of the search feature here, since issues relating to menu items in Sonoma are well documented. ↓

Search results for 'sonoma menu' - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

TL;DR: The developer is aware of the issue, but the problem lies with Apple, not Keyboard Maestro.


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Literally the only reason I’m not updating yet!

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Honestly, I have seen so many bug reports regarding Sonoma (here, on the LateNiteSoftware, BTT, MPU forums and elsewhere) that I’ll probably just skip it completely. :man_facepalming:t2:

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Ah man, I thought it was all going so well too. Will probably have to roll back if a fix isn't on the nearby horizon.

I have to say, while I'm totally convinced there's a bug in Sonoma's handling of menus, specifically the erroneous return of errors when there aren't any, I'm NOT totally convinced that there's not a KM problem as well. Here's why:

In Ventura, using the Select Menu action, you can select a submenu as the target in a menu hierarchy. In Sonoma, using the same Select Menu action, you can only select the final menu item (i.e. a root node) and not a submenu.

However, in Apple Mail, if you "do it by hand", i.e. manually select in Mail (by your mouse) the following:

Message > [account] > [first level submenu] > [second level submenu]

it works fine, even though the [second level submenu] is not the last menu item.

So why does manually selecting the target behave differently than writing a KM action to do the same thing? Sonoma works by explicitly selecting a specific submenu, but KM does not allow you to do this.

Hi @mattwaites, did you find a solution to this problem? I don't know how it happened, but my MBP updated itself to Sonoma. I was just restarting my MBP and it took a while, only to find out that Sonoma was installed. All seemed to be working except for a macro I use a lot, and with that about 300 times per session. It checks if the track list is shown or not. Now as this is always the case within my sessions, I disabled to check so the rest of the macro works as expected. But I cannot select - View - Other Displays - Track list within KM, same problem as you have, right?

Did you solve it, and if so, how?

Regards, Joey

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Until Apple fixes their menus, my temporary solution to this problem is to create a very unique shortcut for that menu item in Pro Tools' keyboard shortcuts window and imitate that keystroke using keyboard maestro.

So in your situation, go to keyboard shortcuts in Pro Tools, look for "Track list" and give it a unique shortcut like ⌘ + ⌥ + ⌃ + ⇧ + F15.
Then, in keyboard maestro, disable your select menu item action and instead, put a Type a Keystroke action that does that exact shortcut.

I have a report that AVID has resolved the remaining Sonoma menu issues in Pro Tools version 2024.3.1

Hopefully others can verify that and hopefully that resolves any remaining Select Menu issues.