Select menu item only if unchecked?

Hi all,

Im wondering if there is any way to select a menu item only if it is unchecked in the app. I'm trying to get some more macros made for ProTools which has a few menus that are checked when active. For some, there is no visual feed back unless you spend time mousing up to the menu - too slow.

Is KM aware of that particular state of a menu option?



If the application is well behaved (which ProTools probably isn’t), then you can use the Menu Condition with “is marked” condition to determine whether the menu is checked or not.

It will only be reliable if ProTools updates its menus in response to accessibility API requests - most normal Mac applications do that, but I am not sure about ProTools.

Thanks for your response Peter. KM is SO fast compared to Quickeys… so glad I switched. As A newbie, can you tell me where I can find the menu condition? When choosing “Select or Show a Menu Item” I only see a checkbox for stopping the macro if the menu item cannot be selected. do I need to get into apple scripting to do this?



With Keyboard Maestro, I try to make everything as orthogonal as possible, so the same things work in different places.

Keyboard Maestro has a variety of actions which use conditions, such as: If Then Else, Pause Until, Until, While. In each, you can add whatever conditions are required. One of the conditions is the Menu condition.

Ah, thank you!

Sorry to chime in on an old post. Preferred to do that than opening a new one.

Could I have KM look for the same menu condition on an app that is not in focus?

The Menu condition only checks the front application.

Using "with path" is quicker then a "menu item with this name"

This is very noticeable in ProTools.