Select Menu Items Actions Not Working in Vivaldi

Mein Deutsch ist auch besser.

:joy: Es gibt leider viele Apps, die mit KM nicht über die Menus angesprochen werden können. Dieser workaround ist dann jeweils meine Lösung :wink:

Gut zu wissen. Wenn die Arbeit mit Keyboard Maestro eine Reise ist, dann packe ich gerade erst meine Koffer.

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Triggering a shortcut with a shortcut is of course not very elegant. This is probably the reason why no one suggests it. But sometimes it is the easiest solution.

It's not about elegance – it's about the potential for unintended side-effects.

The thing you most want to avoid is having a macro with a hotkey trigger than activates the same keyboard shortcut as its own trigger.

Make sure you have a kill-switch in the event that you create an endless loop somewhere.

Cancel / Kill All Running Macros

Yes, for this reason I keep a list of complicated shortcuts I would never use, like ⌘⌥⌃⇧+F12

This way I know where I've used these shortcuts and I make sure I don't use them twice.