Select Menu not found by KM: Adobe Lightroom CC 2017

My goal is to use KM's palette to run macros for individual menu items, in particular for menu items added by plug-ins. Adobe Lightroom CC 2017 menu items do not all show in KM's "Select and Show a Menu Item" drop-down (many more than just the plug-in menu items).

I am able to use OS X application key-chord binding to run the menu item from a "shortcut".

When I use what seems to be the exact same menu tree in the KM Action, the Action fails. Note that one of the menu items in Lightroom is grayed out permanently (this item is used to group executable menu items).

Other instances of the same Action work (I can run menu items in Lightroom via the KM palette).

Of course I could use the OS X system binding to bind the key-chord, and then run that using KM's "Type" action, but that is inelegant.

Is this a problem introduced by Adobe? Trouble-shooting suggestions?


The Lightroom plug-in "Any Source" command "Find Folder or Collection".

The Lightroom menu tree:

The menu items which show in the KM "Show Menu" Action:

The Action which fails:

This Action also fails when the sub-menu "Any Source" is removed.
The failure notification is "Failed to find target menu item".


  • I have checked and re-checked spelling, extra spaces, etc.
  • The Action fails to find even just "File ▹ Plug-in Extras".

Cross platform applications, including Finale and many Adobe applications, do not necessarily update or even build their menu bar until the menu is selected with the mouse. When asked for the menus via the accessibility subsystem, the menus are either not there, or not currently correctly built for the context (eg, menus may be disabled or invisible when they should not be).

Options to force the application into updating its menus include:

  • Switch out and back to the application, and then use the Select Menu Item action.
  • Simulate a click in the menu bar, and then use the Select Menu Item action.
  • Desperate measures, simulate a click in the menu bar, and then use arrows and typeahead (Insert Text by Typing) to select the menu item.

Hi @peternlewis Peter — thanks for the helpful reply.

For anyone interested:
I could not get "switch out and back" to make the full menu available to KM.
Type-ahead does NOT select menu items from the fourth-level menu list.
I am able to select the second item in my menu command tree by using consecutive "Select or Show a Menu Item" Actions, viz.:

But I was unable to get any of the fourth-level items I want, perhaps because the third-level item is permanently grayed-out.
But I am able to use arrow keys to navigate the fourth-level menu.

This seems klunky enough that I will likely bind key-chords using the OS X Prefs panel, and then perhaps execute those key-chords from KM in order to build a palette for LR. I haven't decided yet.


(Just noticed the one Action shows "Lightroom" and the other "Adobe Lightroom". I have no idea of what, but I suspect this is indicative.)


  • …you have created one of the actions some time ago with an older version of Lightroom?
  • …there are two Lightroom versions installed?