Select one folder from list of folders based on month name

When naming your folders (and sub-folders), create names that show the most important info first (obviously from your example: "PPHG MC"). Then follow it with the second most important criteria (yyyy_mm). Be consistent with the naming convention, and it will be a snap to find what you are looking for. (Do the same for all files contained within the "yyyy_mm" sub-folders.)

PPHG MC Rec by Month (2024)
PPHG MC 2024_01
PPHG MC 2024_02
PPHG MC 2024_03
PPHG MC 2024_04
PPHG MC 2024_05
PPHG MC 2024_06
PPHG MC 2024_07
PPHG MC 2024_08
PPHG MC 2024_09
PPHG MC 2024_10
PPHG MC 2024_11
PPHG MC 2024_12