Select Palette Options Using Keyboard (v10.2)

TEST and Other Macros (v10.2)


I have a macro that opens a palette and sub palettes. The macro works fine when using the mouse to select the palette options. But I would like to use the keyboard instead of the mouse to select the palette options. I numbered the palette options so I could just press the number keys to trigger it. I'm stuck on how to get this to work. Any help is appreciated.


TEST and Other Macros.kmmacros (15 KB)

Keyboard Maestro Export


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Give the macros triggers.

However, since you have selected the option "Always activated and shows a palette for one action when", the triggers will always apply.

So change the setting to "Show a palette for one action when", and give the macros the triggers you want.

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Hey Chris,

The numbering would have worked if you were using a Conflict Palette, but when using a normal palette you need to add triggers as Peter mentioned.

An example – this toggles open/closed with Cmd-F1 and while open has mostly single-key hotkeys:



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@peternlewis -- Thank you so much. That works perfectly. :slight_smile:

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