Select window title bar icon

I need to be able to select and hold the small icon in the title bar of a window to be able to drag it to another window (this is the way the application Osirix for medical imaging performs image fusion).

The icon unfortunately moves depending on the title of the window (length of patient name) so finding it by position will only work sometimes.

I have tried to find the "image" of the icon but have not had any success. I do not think the image changes in any way (apart form it's position).

Thank you.

I can probably make that work for you. But I would need to see the image, and it might help if you show the Find Image action which failed.

Instead of basing the drag point on an icon/image, I'd use the top-left corner of the window. I have often used that with great success.


Thank you. Distracted for the last while.
I have had success identifying image and am now making progress. I changed the copy of the image I was using, slightly different area, and KM identifies it reliably.
Thank you again. The problem forced me to look more closely at what I am doing and I have also developed more appreciation of what KM can do for me. Lots of ways it can help.