Selecting a Desktop Out of Multiple Desktops

I didn’t see an answer to this when I searched. I was wondering if there is a way using KM to identify the Desktops and reposition windows according to a specific desktop. Along with this comes the need to make specific desktops come to the front. Currently I have 14 desktops open, roughly 5 per monitor and three monitors. I am considering setting up a macro for certain work-flow ideas. I normally keep regular use apps on specific desktops just to make it easy to remember to quickly swipe to them such as calendar, mail, and web browser.

I was thinking that, if I did get all this set up, it might be wise to not just send the apps and resize them to the open screens (and cover other running apps) but to think ahead and send them to three blank desktops. Of course this would also mean there would be a way to bring those desktops to the front using the macro.

I don't think it would kill me to just make sure I had three empty desktops open before using the macro. It also wouldn't be that hard to just swipe up and change the position of the desktop or drag the app to an empty desktop, but if there was a way to do what I am suggesting, of course that would be even better.


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Hey @levelbest,


Apple has not made the API for doing that public, so any utilities that work with desktops have to hack the system.

Peter never uses hacks in Keyboard Maestro.


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I was wondering, two years on, if this was still the case: KM cannot identify specific Desktops across, in my case, a MBP and one external monitor?

Hi @Tiff_Sunbacon.

I'm new to KBM and I'm researching this same issue because I use lots of desktop/workspaces. I don't have fully working answers yet, but I have some research directions. Right now my most promising direction is a free utility called Current Key Stats (or sometimes just Current Key,

I've described what I've gotten so far and what my strategy is on another thread: Switch to Designated Apple Desktop Space Running Application

What's currently slowing me down is a combination of other projects and not much familiarity with AppleScript, which appears to be the needed link between KBM and Current Key.

there's an upcoming app called Cleave

Thanks @hello.

The page says both "soon" and "out this Autumn" and does not mention a year. My guess, based on decades in the software industry, is that it means Autumn 2020 and they haven't updated it yet. That seems more likely than that they are announcing it nine to eleven months ahead of time. For a brand new product, nine months could easily become 20 and if they're experienced, they know that and would mention the year and if they are inexperienced then it's almost certain that that will happen.

Update: Their most recent post on their Facebook page is from August 2019, so unfortunately I now believe that their notice was about an intended release that year, not late this year. Oh well. It won't be the first idea to die because it didn't generate profit fast enough for the venture capitalists, in part because the inventors went after funding way too soon.


hope at least they bought Aeron chairs :slight_smile:

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